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  • The two words appearing before :: and separated by : have a certain relation. Choose a word from the option that will replace the ?so that the two words after the :: also have the same relation as the first pair of words.
    stomach : digestion :: scythe : ?


  • Dilemma

    Meaning: puzzling situation Origin : dilemma \"double proposition,\" a technical term in rhetoric, from di- \"two\" + lemma \"premise, anything received or taken,\" from root of lambanein \"to take\" (see analemma). It should be used only of situations where someone is forced to choose between two alternatives, both unfavorable to him. But even logicians disagree on whether certain situations are dilemmas or mere syllogisms Syn: quandary, tight-spot, catch-22, predicament, impasse Ant: miracle, solution, wonder Usage: The moral dilemma has caused many a person to get involved in many seditious activities.

  • CLAT 2014 & AILET 2014

    CLAT 2014 exam date has been announced.
    Sunday, 11 May 2014 (3:00 - 5:00pm)

    AILET 2014 exam date has been announced.
    Sunday, MAY 4, 2014

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    CLAT Admission Form Submission Date Extended
    CLAT Admission Form Submission Date Extended!Initially, the last date for submitting the duly filled application forms was March 31, 2014 which has now been extendedAll CLAT aspirants can now submit their forms by April 15, 2014.

  • The Inner Buzz
    Static compendium

    Compendium on Modern history has been Uploaded on MyZone. Which includes the following topics.
    1. Revolts of 1857 and other revolts against British Raj

    2.The civil revolts under British rule

    3.Formation of Congress and its moderate phase

    4.Freedom Movement I (from 1905 to 1922)
    5. Freedom Struggle II (from 1922-47)

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    Admit Card Alert!
    CLAT 2014 Admit Cards shall be available online from April 14, 2014. All CLAT aspirants, make sure you have your admit cards in hand well before the examination.

  • Corporate Desk

    Scratching The 21 Day CLAT Itch!!!

    21 days to go! The Home Stretch for CLAT 2014! Do we have a tip?

    Of course!!! And it is rather simple....

    DO NOT FOCUS On What You Don't Know/Can't Do!!View More

    Geographical Epithets & International Boundaries

    To Know more onGeographical Epithets , International Boundaries &News Papers andJournals of FreedomStruggle Era India ..

  • Me In Black - The Forum


    ‘Who Moves Your Cheese In A Law School?’ This was the question that intrigued me when I finished Dr. Spencer Johnson’s ‘Who Moved My Cheese’.
    Ready to start my sophomore year in college, I often reminisce about the time when I was preparing for CLAT- when the idea of being in a ‘law school’ seemed so exciting- I imagined that it would mean poring over books in the library buried in ‘heavy research’ and having the most exciting trials in classrooms where we would be discussing controversial cases and coming up with fantastic arguments. This is the Cheese (metaphor for ‘happiness’) that I sought while preparing for CLAT.
    I was ready for the change that stared me in the face once I got admission in a law school and I remember telling myself ‘freedom at last’. A very uneventful fourteen years of school were giving way to the most enterprising five years of courtship with law...or did they?
    After being warned by my seniors (from school) who were studying in law schools that I might face an adjustment problem like having to live in a cramped room with little air to breathe and nauseating mess food, culture shock (not to forget back-stabbing by fellow ‘budding lawyers’), I prepared myself mentally for this sea of change which would soon engulf my life.
    To say that I survived the ‘adjustment factor’ would be modest; I pride myself in having found a home away from home which gave me peace both at mind and in my heart. But what of the law that I set out to study, how successfully could I enjoy that Cheese...

    Man at heart is a very frustrated species it seems, we use our complex brains and human emotions complicate things just as they did for Hem and Haw who believed that nothing but their special Cheese could satisfy their appetite. I remember the first day in college when we were being given our library orientation and a Professor told us to spend time in the library after our classes got over; in the first week, you would find every first year student spending his time obediently in the library, after classes groups of four/five would brave the heat to come all the way to the library and you would find some students even daring a Dicey or Austin. This tomfoolery (and I call it ‘tomfoolery’ not to offend those who made the effort) lasted the first two weeks of college, after which everyone settled down in the laidback life of college and forgot the very purpose with which many like me prepared for law.

    I don’t blame them, not entirely. All of us conjured an ideal picture of our dream law school and since in a dream one has the liberty to build his house of chocolate and have fountains that spout money, we pictured ourselves as patrons of law in NLSIU or Justice City. What we forget is that dreams are not prophecies, not all CAN go to big law schools and perhaps the most natural effect it has upon a prospective law student is that it makes him embittered towards the law school that he ends up securing admission in. He forgets that he can still make it big.

    What happens to the “positivists” then? (“positivists” not as Austin meant them but “positivist” as in a person who thinks positively) somewhere, they too lose heart when they see ‘law as it is’ and ‘law as it ought to be’...again, I am not speaking in jurisprudential terms but in terms of what we think a law school is all about and the law school that we actually live in...

    I fondly remember the first week in college, knowing that it will never come back. It will never come back because on the first day a class of enthusiastic 80 piled into Section A raring to unleash their oratory skills only to meet an unenthusiastic faculty, bitter seniors and project plagiarism. Welcome to the big bad world of law schools...subsequently the number of students attending lectures dropped; you would still find students whiling their time in the library but this time the number would be fewer and they would be people coming to catch twenty winks in the library (the air conditioning in the library is a blessing) or to “socialize” with newly found best friends. So much for the patrons of law!

    In a Law Summit organized this year by a reputed coaching institute in Lucknow, I was invited as a panellist by virtue of being a former student of the coaching centre. The moderator started the panel discussion by asking the law students to define a Law School. If this question had been asked a year ago, I would have probably given a very romantic definition: poring over books...buried in heavy research...most exciting trials in classrooms...Alas, the folly of men...

    The description to my own ears sounds so dramatic now! I land with a thud on the ground...I realize that a Cheese of such form and taste never existed! It was the creation of my own mind much like the way in which light rays bend to produce a mirage, so that it’s there but never really there.

    But here comes some hope for those who think that this is the story only of a second tier or a third tier law school: this is the story of EVERY law school, yes even the ‘biggies’....if you go to a law school thinking that someone will teach you the law, you’d be living in a fool’s paradise...for no one can teach you law, you can only fall in love with it and law school helps you merely to identify your area of interest in law. You are lucky if you get a single “life-changing” teacher in a law school...if you do, count your blessings!

    What bugs me the most and is one of the prime reason for writing this blog (apart from sheer desire to write) is that some people use their failure at procuring their Cheese (read pre-CLAT ‘dream law school’) as an excuse to shirk work, they think that the only place where they could have done well is NLSIU or NALSAR. While I acknowledge that by virtue of being an alumnus from the “cream of law school fraternity” you become a force to reckon with, there is no reason why you cannot make your law school just as idyllic.

    You need to come to terms with the fact that it is time to move to new Cheese, everyone at some point of time will move your Cheese in a law school, they will steal it & eat it: you can be fighting for an internship which you lose to a friend, a moot court competition which you lose to a rival law school and a placement offer which you lose to a fellow batch mate. What you’ve got to realize is that you cannot be in denial all the time. Just as Haw, you’ve got to embrace the change. And even before you know it, you would have stumbled upon a treasure trove of Cheese.

    p.s.: ‘Who Moved my Cheese’ can be read online at:
    Devika Agarwal

    Semester III

    Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University

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  • All About Law


    So you have made it through CLAT and are waiting with bated breath to start your law school journey; or perhaps you are a prospective law student who dreams of going to a national law school one day; or perhaps you are already a member of the elite class of ‘law students’ who is now having second thoughts? At some stage of your life whether it is pre-CLAT, post-CLAT or post law school you will inevitably second-guess yourself and wonder ‘Is law really the thing for me?’
    The root of this is not the law school politics or the law school milieu which can be overwhelming at times but this that our choices are often not ‘well-informed’.
    Take for instance, the decision to prepare for the Common Law Admission Test- it was never easy convincing your parents to let you prepare for CLAT given the monopoly that engineering and pre-medical tests enjoy in our country. Some of you may have even turned down a seat in the coveted Delhi University to give CLAT your best shot and believe me it is disheartening…It is disheartening when you fight against the world to go after your dream and it turns out to be eyewash. Should better sense have prevailed earlier?
    Like I said, insecurity such as this arises out of the ill-informed choices that we make and a sneak-preview into what life is in law school might offer better insight. (Disclaimer: My opinions are based solely on my experiences in a law school and while I can only hope to enlighten you a bit, the choice is yours to make).
    I do not endorse the opinion that one should choose a degree based on the pay package it promises, I believe you will excel at whatever you do best; what one should know however is what one can legitimately expect when doing time at a law school (no pun intended) i.e. what are the real perks of studying in a law school:

    1. Time galore-
    The one thing that a law student has to contend with is the duration of the course- five years might seem like a lifetime, especially during times when law school gets a little too much to handle. However, one can also view this as a fantastic opportunity to take up new activities or simply to travel. Take for instance, the case of a very enterprising girl in NALSAR who started running in college and recently completed a 42 km marathon.
    I am yet to come across a professional course which offers you so much free time at hand; classes in most national law schools are over by lunch time and if you are lucky you might even have your afternoons off.
    The academic life in itself is not very hectic (I do not know how true this is for NLSIU which follows the trimester system) and studying for examinations is a one-day affair.

    2. Cultural Vibe/ Exposure to college fests and competitions-
    Contrary to popular belief, law school has a vibrant student community fraught with literary and cultural committees and once in a while, we do have people showcasing a gamut of talents ranging from flute-playing to belly-dancing.
    Law schools also get invites to the biggest college fests in the country like IIT Kanpur’s Antaragini and SRCC’s SRDF and almost every law school boasts of their own college fest- Summons by NALSAR, Spoculit by RMLNLU, Invicta by NUJS and Spiritus & Strawberryfields by NSLIU to name a few.
    Intra-college events are organized by law schools throughout the year- RMLNLU’s literary week ‘EOS’ and NALSAR’s ‘Awadh Magadh’ & ‘Carpe diem’ are much looked forward to.
    Debating forms an integral part of law school culture and one gets to travel the length and breadth of the country participating in various debates- I had a memorable time debating in SRCC in my first year.

    3. Moots and the glamour quotient-
    Some say that moots or ‘mock courts’ are probably the closest one can come to lawyering while in law school (there are many detractors of this statement). Being someone who is not predisposed to moots, I have never taken a very keen interest in them. Many of my peers, however, have taken up mooting and have done the college proud; some qualified for the international rounds and got an opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi and Florida.
    Those who do enjoy mooting describe the feeling as a ‘high’ and there’s no denying the glamour quotient attached to winning a moot, it is akin to conquering a mountain.

    4. A professional degree v. an academic degree: Sky is the limit-
    While I have mentioned earlier that pay packages should not lie at the heart of decision-making, it is my personal observation that a law degree today offers one opportunities like no other. It is not important that one is necessarily employed in a ‘strictly legal’ profession; you can actually explore an offbeat career option after doing law. For example, an NUJS graduate started a women’s only travel club ‘Girls on the Go’ shortly after passing out of law school; she recalls that she has benefitted immensely from her stint at law school and a law education helped in the legal intricacies involved in her business.

    5. I did law because I did not want to do engineering-
    While this is completely true in my case and also formed the initial response to anybody who asked me ‘Why Law?’ I think this was the best career decision for me. If nothing else, it bought me two more years of college time and two more years to think. At 22 when most of my school friends have already graduated with an academic degree and looking for jobs, I feel a sense of relief that I did not launchpad into hunting for jobs. Being a young adult, I am still as indecisive about ‘What next’ as I was after class 12 and I am hopeful that by the end of the law school journey the light will shine at the end of the tunnel.

    Radhika Agarwal
    NALSAR Alumnus
    Former CPian

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  • All about Clat

    Scratching The 21 Day CLAT Itch!!!

    21 days to go! The Home Stretch for CLAT 2014! Do we have a tip?

    Of course!!! And it is rather simple....

    DO NOT FOCUS On What You Don't Know/Can't Do!!!
    This is not the time.

    Focus on Your Strengths and Use Them To The Best of Your Capability.
    For Instance—If Maths doesn’t work for you…don’t try to make it work at this last moment. Just revise and rework on the part that you can manage and try and do it to the best of your capability in the paper. If you really are good at rest of the sections, there is a good chance that you will cover up for what you have missed out in the Maths section.
    It is simple, really. Because now is not the time to do focus on the NEW…rather, this is the time to focus on what you KNOW.
    Focus on your strengths and use them navigate around your weaknesses.
    Remember! All competitive exams are mind games and it is all about how you do the paper on that particular day. Stress generates negativity. As does too much worrying.
    Stay Calm…and Do your Best!!!

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