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  • The price of an article is increased by 20% and then again the increased price is increased by 25%. By what percentage must this new increased price be decreased to restore the original price of the artice (the price before any increase)?


  • Digress

    Meaning: wander off the subject Origin: from L. digressus, pp. of digredi \"to go aside, depart\" (see digression), or perhaps a back formation from digression Syn: wander, stray, ramble, deviate, go off the point, go off on a tangent Ant: be direct, stray,conform Usage: Young people generally digress towards bad habits due to peer pressure.

  • CLAT 2014 & AILET 2014

    CLAT 2014 exam date has been announced.
    Sunday, 11 May 2014 (3:00 - 5:00pm)

    AILET 2014 exam date has been announced.
    Sunday, MAY 4, 2014

  • What's new at CP
    CLAT Admission Form Submission Date Extended
    CLAT Admission Form Submission Date Extended!Initially, the last date for submitting the duly filled application forms was March 31, 2014 which has now been extendedAll CLAT aspirants can now submit their forms by April 15, 2014.

  • The Inner Buzz
    Static compendium

    Compendium on Modern history has been Uploaded on MyZone. Which includes the following topics.
    1. Revolts of 1857 and other revolts against British Raj

    2.The civil revolts under British rule

    3.Formation of Congress and its moderate phase

    4.Freedom Movement I (from 1905 to 1922)
    5. Freedom Struggle II (from 1922-47)

  • Latest from the News
    Admit Card Alert!
    CLAT 2014 Admit Cards shall be available online from April 14, 2014. All CLAT aspirants, make sure you have your admit cards in hand well before the examination.

  • Corporate Desk

    Attempting Legal Reasoning Questions? DO NOT GET EMOTIONAL!!!

    Hello Boys and Girls!
    The last lap of your sprint to CLAT 2014 is just round the corner. With less than 60 days before the judgment day—in this case, the CLAT 2014 exam, we have decided..

    Geographical Epithets & International Boundaries

    To Know more onGeographical Epithets , International Boundaries &News Papers andJournals of FreedomStruggle Era India ..